What happens when you speak openly on social media


01. You will be labeled a " NAGATIVE " person
02. No one will ever confront or talk face to face
03. Most people will appreciate you but not support you
04. You will be considered mentality ill or having mental issues
05. People will stop to invite on events
06. People wont like to have you on discussion forums
07. Your close friends / family ask you why you are doing this
08. Some people hate you extremely just you don't think like them
09. You will have to lose good credibility
10. and the list goes on.

That is why most people do not talk openly on social media because they do not have that courage to lose all these points. it is very hard to see people are misunderstanding and abuse with you just because you do not think the way they want you to be.

So next time when you are talking anything wrong what is being done in our lifes make sure you are ready to have all these labels free of cost because it's reality. and I'm living with it. 

- Qasim 

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